Taller introductori de Seitai en Anglès

Seitai. Introductory Course

in English

In this course, we will experience the 3 basic practices of​ ​Seitai:

  • Gyoki: concentration of ki by paying attention to our​ ​breathing and vital energy.
  • Yuki: intuitively placing our hands or attention on an area​ ​of our or another’s body.
  • Katsugen undo: listening to and following our instinctual​ ​spontaneous movement.

Although these practices are ingeniously simple, their​ ​effects are surprising. The founder of Seitai, Haruchika​ ​Noguchi, dedicated his life to discovering how to respect and​ ​cultivate the natural force which leads to a state of authentic​ ​health and vitality.

The breakthrough of Noguchi was to realise the​ ​importance of our spontaneous movement, identifying the​ ​process of tension and relaxation and how when this to andfro movement became blocked it caused concrete​ ​psychological and physical problems. He succeeded in​ ​identifying and understanding the very particular way each​ ​person has of tensing and relaxing in five directions.

Humanity has dedicated a great deal of effort and​ ​research into looking for ways to improve the quality of our life​ ​and overcome health problems, but often it has resulted in​ ​fixing a series of dos or don’ts (dictating what we should or​ ​shouldn’t eat, how much we should sleep, types of exercise we​ ​should do and pills we should take…) which do not always​ ​respect each individual’s needs and our innate capacity to​ ​recover our own health. An excessive external care and​ ​tampering can weaken our organism and interfere in our​ ​delicate and complex natural capacity to respond to life.

Seitai understands that each individual already knows​ ​what they need to feel better and that their vitality can be​ ​recovered by listening to and following the instinctive cellular​ ​intelligence that we all possess.

These practices offer a way to get back in touch with this​ ​wisdom inherent in our organism, leading us to loosen the​ ​knots we have accumulated so that we can live a fuller, freer​ ​life.

Noguchi’s discoveries have been furthered by the main​ ​disseminator and teacher of Seitai in Europe, Katsumi​ ​Manime. He has spent the last 40 years working in Barcelona,​ ​simplifying and researching by studying scientific knowledge​ ​how Seitai and the importance of the five movements can be​ ​explained and demonstrated more precisely.


Dates: SUNDAY 13th of​ ​January 2019 10am to 2pm.

In Dojo Sant Pere de Ribes

Given by:

Lucinda Wilson, Seitai practitioner since 1991. Formed with​ ​Magda Barneda (Espaidó), Luis Alonso (Fundació Seitai) and​ ​Katsumi Manime (Seitai Barcelona).

Information and inscriptions: 

Lucinda Wilson,  637 54 45 13